To help troubleshoot OneDrive file sync issues on Windows 8.1, please follow the instructions below:

Troubleshooting OneDrive sync issues on Windows 8.1 Sync:

  1. Confirm that your PC is able to access the Internet. 

    1. Also, if you use a metered network, please check that you have not disabled syncing using metered networks.  Press the Windows key + C and select Change PC settings > OneDrive > Metered connections. Make sure Upload and download files over metered connections is ON

  2. Confirm that the Windows Search service is running.
    1. From the Desktop, right click the Start button and choose Task Manager

    2. From Task Manager, click on "more details" if not already selected

    3. Select the Services tab, ensure the "WSearch" service's status is "Running"

    NOTE: Some third party SSD (solid state drive) software will disable the Windows Search service.  For OneDrive to function properly the Windows Search service needs to be running with automatic startup.

  3. Confirm that the OneDrive Sync Engine host is running. 

    1. Press the Windows key + S to use Search > type Task manager > then select it to open

    2. From Task manager, click on “more details” if not already selected

    3. Under Background processes, ensure "OneDrive Sync Engine Host" process is running. If the process keeps crashing or its not displayed, let us know.

  4. Confirm that available updates to Windows 8.1 have been installed.

    1. Press the Windows key + C and select Settings

    2. Select Change PC settings > Update and recovery > Windows Update then select “Check Now”. If you are unable to check for or install Windows Updates, let us know

  5. Confirm your sync issues by checking OneDrive:

    1. Launch the OneDrive app and look for error(s) at the top of the screen or in the top right corner (Progress view). Let us know the error messages you are seeing and if you see files stuck in upload, downloading or both.

    2. Open File Explorer from your Windows Desktop and let us know if you see files stuck in downloading or shows the double arrow icon. Also, click on the OneDrive folder and look for any icons that indicate errors.  If there’s an error icon, right click on the OneDrive folder and select “View problems”. This will open the Progress view page within the OneDrive app and will provide a complete error message. Document the error(s) and let us know.

  6. If after going through steps 1- 4 you are still having sync issues, download and run the OneDrive troubleshooter located here.

  7. If the troubleshooter failed to resolve your sync issue, please follow these steps:

    a. Press the Windows key + R and the Run window will open
    b. In the Open field type:  skydrive.exe /reset
    c. Click OK

    NOTE:  Using OneDrive Reset will not affect your files.  Reset re-syncs all of your OneDrive data which could take some time depending on the size of your data. Open the OneDrive app to check when your files have re-synced or you can check the system tray icon to note the status of OneDrive and if it’s up to date.

  8. Please let us know if these steps failed to resolve your sync issues by contacting OneDrive Supporthere.   Also, please provide any other symptoms or errors you’ve seen after running the troubleshooter.

If you’ve previously seen the instructions below on other posts, please DO NOT use them as they are no longer valid for OneDrive on Windows 8.1